Thoughts Concerning Calories and Peer Review

Since this week’s lecture I have been thinking a lot about the calorie study done that compared Starbucks stores in New York with Boston and Philadelphia. I found it interesting how by posting the calories in the products the companies revenues increased but it did not change what a person ordered for drinks. I think this study is interesting based on its relevancy to natural experiments because it shows the before and it will be tide into the the impact of future studies that focus on health concerns in the U.S. like obesity. Health conscious people will most likely change their eating habits based on the calories that are posted but not everyone is able to understand the calories in the way the medical professionals or nutritionists do.

In regards to peer review I think that it is an important part of the scholarly world that helps to make for a better and high quality works. I feel that anonymous peer reviewing is a more efficient way of conducting it as it allows for greater autonomy, which enables the reviewer to be critical in analysing the paper without being greatly biased by knowing the person’s identity. I have done peer review in my fourth year of undergrad but it was not anonymous as everyone in my fourth year history seminar class had to review everyone’s papers and discuss them in class. We all had to be critical in our analysis by stating what could be improved and what was good. I found this process to be intimidating because it was the first time I had to do this and after discussing peer review in this class I think my experience would have been better if it was anonymous.


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