Group 5 Blog Word Cloud

The brief discussion of word clouds in class today made me want to see what one would look like for our blog, so I made one on Wordle.

(Wordle wouldn’t let me save this as an image file, so I did a screen capture then cropped it in Photoshop. It turned out a bit more blurry than I would have liked, but still, mad skills!)

What do you think? Does anything on there surprise you? Are there any other texts/websites out there that could stand to be Wordled?


2 thoughts on “Group 5 Blog Word Cloud

  1. hannahmasterman

    Brett, that is awesome!
    The biggest word that stood out to me was “research” which is appropriate as this is a research methods course…

    Interesting that I see the word “Knight” but no “Luker.”


  2. jessstarr88

    Brett – thanks for doing this – it’s really neat! The words that stood out most for me were “found” and “simply” – maybe because I don’t find this stuff too simple haha! It is helpful to see a word cloud come to life though!


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