Practacing actual research methods?

Like Jess, I also tend to have to catch myself from “harvarding” things I’m reading. I tend to treat my research documents like the novels I enjoy reading, trying to absorb every little detail. I definitely did this in my undergrad even in my history major, which may have been why I found essays so draining. I will need to practice not reading everything so in-depth and find aspects of research that is relevant.

The one thing I have drawn from the Knight chapter is that we have to be able to complete research, either interviews or surveys. This means that long reaching questions might need to be rethought and turned into a more feasible project. This has helped me with redefining my question as I’ve now started looking at what kind of research I could do with the question outside of just finding articles. If I can’t think of types of interview or survey questions for the “question” I was thinking of then it probably would not make an easy or reasonable research project. As of right now I’m looking at doing the assignment on how can small academic institutions provide their students with the same access to rare and international documents that larger institutions have access to, looking more specifically at maybe just the discrepancy between Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Toronto’s libraries. Any thoughts?
-Emma Blackburn


3 thoughts on “Practacing actual research methods?

  1. Glen Farrelly

    I’m Glen the T.A. – please identify every posts (if concerned about privacy, please use initials or something) in every post to receive credit.

    1. emmalb Post author

      I have changed my display name and have signed my posts. I forgot that my name wasn’t actually recognizable. Thank you!

  2. hannahmasterman

    Hi Emma,

    I like your research topic. Just a few weeks I was having a conversation with a friend who goes to York. She was trying to get her hands on a book she needed for a paper and I unwittingly asked her if she had “tried UofT libraries, cuz they have loads of cool stuff…” Then she informed me rather frostily that York students couldn’t get stuff from UofT.
    What’s your focus? Are you going to maybe compare how students at Toronto vs. Laurier perform research/how they get around the limits to books/resources? Or is it more of a question as to what can be done to help students at smaller universities find the same stuff?



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