I love that Luker defends what she calls “Harvarding” and says that it’s ok, we all do it, a lot of what we read is going to rehash what we’ve read before or what we already know anyways. I think everyone feels a little ashamed of “Harvarding”, so it’s reassuring to read about its benefits in a book about doing good research. And the thing i, not matter what stage of the research proposal you’re at, you can put it into immediate effect. I started reading, “Rethinking the focus group in media communications research,” the reading for this week. I got to the part that referenced “interpretive communities” and thought, screw this, I’ve read some Stanley Fish, I know where this is going. (It’s like seeing Jason Statham in a movie trailer; as soon as he shows up on camera, you know how the movie’s going to play out, and don’t need to see it.)

You risk missing something, or even over-complicating the issue going through the whole paper anyways. And anything that’s unclear usually gets brought up in class. So why not?


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