Trying to find a topic?

I’m having the same issues as Jessica. It is hard for me to narrow down what I want to do this project on. To be honest I’m also a little confused by how to actually do a research proposal paper. I’m assuming we have to actually do research into the subject, but at the same time we’re supposed to be proposing our research so how far do we delve into the information? The books are helping me with the understanding of how and methods of doing the research, but not the actual lay out of the paper. Though the advice is very useful and I like the different perspectives in each so that we don’t feel obligated to choose one or the other, rather we are being given examples of how to find which methods work best for us and our studies.

My other minor confusion is should these research proposals be related to information studies or can we pick something a little more to our interests? I am assuming it is supposed to relate to information studies as that is our masters program but on the other hand the course is simply research methods not information studies research methods :)! If I am to do it on something related to information studies I was thinking something to do with the future of government libraries but I’m not sure how to narrow that down, nor am I sure how to create a research proposal around it.

I almost wish I was assigned a topic. Sometimes trying to find a topic that we are “passionate” or “interested” about can be more debilitating than not getting an option, at least for me, because there are so many things I am interested in. If anyone has advice or just wants to pick my topic for me that would be great :)!

-Emma Blackburn


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