One more Introduction

Hello Group 5ers!

My name is Emma Blackburn. I went to Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated with a Honours BA in English and History. I have not done any schooling for about two years now so this course has kind of scared the living daylights out of me. I am glad to find that I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed by this though. I have never really done a research proposal so this, to me at least, is a huge adjustment but I hope I can rise to the challenge and do well.

I found both Luker and Knight’s works extremely valuable and kind of a relief in reading them. I found Knight’s advice about keeping a journal or paper on hand as well as the advice about organizing the material we’ve written into certain folders or files so that when we go to do the paper we already have categories, ideas, and even evidence. Luker’s book I have found to be very entertaining and engaging. The fact that Luker advises us to do research on something we find we are passionate about is good advice in certain respects because it will help motivate us, but for me I find it difficult to hone in on one area that I am ‘passionate’ about. I like the exercises that are given at the end of Luker’s chapters but like Jordan I found the first one difficult to do. A lot of my questions were very broad and at some points not even related to information studies haha. Nonetheless they are helpful in that they are motivating me to start doing work and brainstorming.


One thought on “One more Introduction

  1. Brett

    Hi Emma! (Sorry for not recognizing you from the group earlier today. It’s going to take me a while before I actually know everyone, I think.) I just finished the Luker reading for this week and while I think her exercises/questions are really interesting, I’m also finding them quite difficult. I think in large part that might be because many of the questions she asks are clearly geared towards sociological research, not the history/print culture/interdisciplinary madness I generally work on. I’m going to try to do them anyway – I think reading Luker may have actually given me an idea for a potential research project – though probably not as thoroughly as Luker herself might have had in mind.


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