Hey, I’m Jordan. I did my bachelor’s in English Lit at the University in Calgary so, like Jessica, the idea of doing research, research that isn’t finding references that support whatever I’m saying, is a little scary. Like everyone else, I’m just taking the course as a requirement for the LIS path. The topics that interest me are more literary and cultural than they are sciencey (or social sciency?): western pop culture and representations gender and sexuality.

I guess my reaction to the Luker text was mostly relief. It makes a point to remind the reader of the benefits of an interdisciplinary (as a first year student, I’ve noticed how often this word pops up in every one of my classes) approach, so that I wasn’t left feeling, like I had felt initially, that my literary background would have nothing to do with research.
My least favourite part was the exercise at the end of the first chapter. I couldn’t think of what exactly to write, what sort of question I’d want to interrogate, even if I have a grasp on the sort of issues that interest me. And I was a little put off by being told to set my kitchen timer (I was in the library) for fifteen minutes. I think my question will be something I revisit after giving some more thought.


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