Introduction :)

Hi team! My name is Jessica, and I am in my first year of LIS at the iSchool. I did my undergrad degree in English Lit at UBC where I specialized in Victorian Mystery, so information sciences are very new to me. To be honest I am still trying to figure out what I’d like to be doing once I’ve finished my MI. Right now I am thinking about rare books and special collections, but I expect it to change as I take more classes, and learn more about different career possibilities. Information Science already appears to be such a broader field than I imagined! I am a bit nervous about Research Methods as I have never taken a class like this before, and have very little experience researching anything (most English papers are primarily text-based), so it is quite daunting.

I did like the writing exercises suggested in both the Luker and Knight books, and I think that those could be a really helpful starting point. It was also interesting that Luker was emphatic on the point of researching something that you were interested in or passionate about, and that Knight advised that that is not always the best course of action. Some good food for thought.

I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


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