An Introduction

Now that nearly all of us have signed up for the blog, I thought it might be a good idea for us all to say a bit about ourselves, our research interests and/or professional experience, and what we’re hoping to get out of the course. I know that we went over this a bit in class, but hopefully we can all go into a bit more detail here.

I’ll start: I tend to describe myself as a historian, though I know that a lot of people in the History Department don’t like to use the term to refer to someone who doesn’t yet have a Ph.D. I did my B.A. and M.A. in History here at the U of T. I am particularly interested in the history of the book and of mass communication and popular culture in pre-Revolutionary France. I hope to have a chance to continue my historical research during my LIS degree and, eventually, as an academic librarian. I signed up for this class mainly because it’s a program requirement, but I’m intrigued by the course’s social science focus and I’m hoping that will allow me to explore the research methods of other disciplines. I work at Reference Services at Robarts (at least one of my coworkers is also in this class, though sadly she’s not in our group) and I know that to be an effective reference librarian I need to be able to assist students from a wide variety of disciplines, not just my own rather narrow field.

That’s it for me. Anyone else care to introduce yourselves?


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