Hello, INF1240 Group 5!

Hi Team,

If you’re reading this, then I’ve successfully set up a blog for our class.  I picked a simple theme — you can check out its various configuration options here.  Let me know if there are any design changes you’d like to see.  Our options are limited with a free blog, but we can switch to an entirely different theme if we want.  Look at the options here and let me know if anything has a strong appeal.

Each of you can create a WordPress account without needing to set up a blog.  The page to do that is here.  I can then add you based on your username or the email address you used to create the account.  Once that’s done, it might not be a bad idea to post a quick hello so we can make sure everything is working for everyone. 

You have my email if there are any questions/issues.



2 thoughts on “Hello, INF1240 Group 5!

  1. bethden

    Thanks for setting this up. I like this simple theme, I don’t think this needs to be fancy, just readable and easy to use. I think you chose a great one. But if people have preferences, I’m good with whatever works.


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